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Anastasiy - serving artists society since 2008! Made in Hollywood
Anastasiy Safari's Facebook profile: Disney features my MagicPicker on their workshop... Anastasiy's Photoshop Panels on Deviantart
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MixColors, Photoshop color mixer
Photoshop Color Wheel - MagicPicker Font Manager inside Adobe Creative Suite - DiskFonts
MagicPicker, DiskFonts, MixColors,
Illustrator & Photoshop Color Wheel
v3.1 new!
font manager and
viewer inside Adobe CS5,CS4,CS3 progs

v1.2 new!
true color mixer inside Photoshop
v1.2 new!

important used inside
Disney StudiosMarvel ComicsEpic GamesDreamWorks SKG
and by famous independent artists like Craig Mullins, Alex Broeckel, Craig Shoji
and many others, check refs:
Random reference
"The Magicpicker Photoshop panel finds daily use in my workflow" >>>
John Derry / Original Corel Painter's Wheel creator
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MagicPicker 3.1 Color Wheel panel

for Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop CC/CS6/CS5.5/CS5/CS4/CS3/MAC/PC – sequel to the legendary ColorPicker
(42,404 downloads!!!). Download MagicPicker & ColorPicker Illustrator & Photoshop Color Wheel panels.
new! DiskFonts 1.2 – hard disk font manager and viewer for Adobe Suite CS5, CS4, CS3. Download DiskFonts font manager and viewer
new! MixColors 1.1 – physically accurate color mixer inside Photoshop. Download MixColors color mixer
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Adobe Creative Cloud MagicPicker Photoshop color wheel MagicPicker color wheel is updated for CC 2014! New version brings MagicPicker's special edition for Adobe Creative Cloud 2014. MagicPicker Lite supports Illustrator and Photoshop CC 2014. Big introductory discounts! Existing users get it for free.
Get it here...

MixColors Photoshop color mixer Photoshop CS6 Photoshop CS6 Photoshop CS5 Photoshop CS4 Photoshop CS3 MixColors is updated to v1.2! New version brings improved mixing algorithm, new UI, better CC support!
Upgrade here...

MagicPicker Photoshop color wheel Photoshop CS6 Photoshop CS6 Photoshop CS5 Photoshop CS4 Photoshop CS3 Illustrator CC Illustrator CS6 Illustrator CS5 Illustrator CS4 Illustrator CS3 MagicPicker is updated to v3.1! New version helps you assign keyboard shortcut to the panel from fly-out menu, faster HSB/RGB/CMYK values changing by clicking and dragging and Photoshop/Illustrator CC support improvements!
Upgrade here...

MagicPicker Photoshop color wheel MixColors Photoshop color mixer DiskFonts, font manager and viewer NOVEMBER 2013 BLACK FRIDAY SALE JUST STARTED MagicPicker color wheel and MixColors color mixer and DiskFonts font manager are 30-40% OFF! Be quick and get them while it lasts
Get panels with discounts...

MagicPicker Photoshop color wheel Photoshop CS6 Photoshop CS5 Photoshop CS4 Photoshop CS3 Illustrator CS6 Illustrator CS5 Illustrator CS4 Illustrator CS3 MAGICPICKER 3.0 is out! Panel now supports Adobe Illustrator, features box and diamond modes on color wheel (in addition to triangle), Tone Lock allows you to keep color tone while changing its hue, numeric rulers on RGB/HSB sliders, Leap Motion Controller support and oh boy! New MagicPicker is blazing FAST! More features await you...
MagicPicker 3.0 upgrade...

MagicPicker Photoshop color wheel MixColors Photoshop color mixer MagicPicker and MixColors just got better!
- Photoshop CS6 support is improved on Windows 7+
and Mac OS X 10.8+
- Calibrated monitors and color profiles support improvement
- Dramatic speed up of MixColors
- Copy HEX color with one click on MagicPicker
- Color Schemes workflow is improved in MagicPicker
- Fixed interaction with Swatches
- Bug fixes and improvements
get both panels...

MagicPicker Photoshop color wheelDiskFonts, font manager and viewer MixColors Photoshop color mixer You've been asking for it and here we go with the series of tutorials for all the Anastasiy's Panels. MagicPicker, MixColors and DiskFonts will be covered with the smart and thorough tips and tricks ready to use! Check it out on:
- Anastasiy's blog
- Our Facebook page
- Our Google+ page

MagicPicker Photoshop color wheel Photoshop CS6 Photoshop CS5 Photoshop CS4 Photoshop CS3 MagicPicker 2.1 now out. Brings updates and interface improvements
- Now it's unique and the only Traditional Color Scheme for Photoshop!
- Photoshop CS6 Beta support
- Increased Speed
- Bug fixes, including the bug on the edges of triangle
Check MagicPicker 2.1...

MixColors Photoshop color mixer Photoshop CS5 Photoshop CS4 Photoshop CS3 The long-awaited color mixing inside Photoshop! Get correct and physically accurate color mixing results inside Photoshop with MixColors, the color mixer. Works together with MagicPicker.
- Oils/pastels/watercolor/etc emulation for paints. Works very fast with the new complex color mixing engine
- Mix color directly with photoshop eyedropper! — pick a color and it quickly mixes to the current one — the most intuitive color mixing ever
See all features...

Photoshop CS5 Photoshop CS4 Photoshop CS3 Illustrator CS5 Illustrator CS4 Illustrator CS3 InDesign CS5 InDesign CS4 InDesign CS3 Flash Pro CS5 Dreamweaver CS5 Fireworks CS5 Premiere Pro CS5 DiskFonts 1.2 font manager is updated dramatically! Now supports Adobe Creative Suite CS5, Adobe Creative Suite CS4 and Adobe Creative Suite CS3. Some new features:
– manage fonts with favorites and bookmarks
– drag'n'drop fonts to document
– search fonts
– install fonts (and uninstall)
– compare fonts from subfolders
– iPhone/iPod/Android support
Click here to see all features.

MagicPicker Photoshop color wheel 10th-12th of November. MagicPicker Photoshop color wheel will be featured in a Disney/Black Rock Studio workshop in digital panting with truly inspirational concept artist John Wallin Liberto in Brighton, UK. 3 days of the insight into his craft with the talented Art Crew at Black Rock. ..detailed info on this event.

Black Rock StudioDisneyMagicPicker

John Wallin Liberto

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Nice to meet you! And greetings from Hollywood!

My name is Anastasiy and I'm the founder of this project. We created here a color wheel panel plugin for Illustrator & Photoshop called MagicPicker, free photoshop plugin called ColorPicker and DiskFonts, font viewer (panel) inside Creative Suite for browsing (uninstalled) fonts from hard disk, and MixColors, physically accurate color mixer for Photoshop. You can download them right here.

I have more than 20 years of experience in graphic arts, UI design, software engineering, product design, 3D modeling and art direction. Situated myself in Hollywood (Los Angeles, CA, USA), I’m as well constantly consulting with the leading artists from feature film industry. Which makes it possible for me with my team to assemble tools exactly matching the needs of the industry.

For now, please browse around, the site sections will speak for themselves. Please, feel free to send a message or a suggestion about the panels.
This site is constantly evolving as I'm finding the time to improve it, so check back for updates!

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